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      Mini Service
  • Oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • 35 Point visual health check
  • Report
Price: £110 inc VAT
Quote website price*
See bellow for list of checked items on the 35 point check.
      Full Service
  • Oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • Air filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Spark plugs (Petrol only)
  • Pollen filter
  • Engine flush treatment
  • Injector cleaner treatment
  • 35 Point visual health check
  • Brake Adjustments
  • Report
Price: £189.99 Including VAT
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      MOT Testing
MOT Testing for class 4 vehicles (Cars and Small vans)
Price: £45.00 - No vat
Has your car developed a fault? Perhaps there is a light on the dash that was not there before.
Just give us a call and we can plug your car into our up to date diagnostic machine that will tell us what the problem is and what needs replacing to fix the fault.
Any Make, Any Model Diagnostics is priced at:
£30.00 inc VAT
It usualy takes about 30 minuites.
      Recovery / Transport
We offer a range of affordable transportation options to suit your needs.
Just give us a call on the number above for a quote.
Included in our 35 point visual check:
  • Vehice History records
  • Timing belt replacement periods
  • Damage and bodywork report
  • Seat belt condition/wear
  • Operation of interior and exterior lights
  • ABS Checks
  • Air bag checks
  • Air conditioning operation inc bad odours
  • Windscreen washers and wipers
  • Horn, Suspension damper operation
  • Lubricate all door locks and hinges
  • Fuel cap check
  • Cooling system check and top up
  • Cooling fan operation
  • Grease all greasing points
  • Check operation and condition of front and rear brakes, pads, discs, drums and handbrake
  • Torque wheel nuts/studs
  • Tyre condition report
  • Check and Test warning light systems
  • Anti freeze protection level
  • Brake fluid checks and top up
  • Check all auxiliery belts
  • Engine breather system
  • Vacum pipes
  • Power steering operation and fluid condition
  • Throttle body plus clean if required
  • Battery test
  • Check and top up under bonnet fluid levels
  • Fuel and brake line check
  • Condition and security of exhaust system
  • Check and top up gearbox oil levels
  • Check all steering and suspension joints mountings and gailters CVs,
  • Check all wheels and Bearings for play
  • Check CV Gaiters or splits or wear
  • Check clutch cable/cylinder
  • Road test vehicle and report findings
  • Reset service indicator
  • Stamp service book
* Prices apply to any 4 cylinder non performance car up to 2.0ltr, vehicles that use fully synthetic oil, iridium tipped spark plugs and special diesel filters may be subject to an aditional charge.
If you require genuine main dealer parts to be fitted please let us know before booking.
01474 822552
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